this week has a guy been to court accused of seriemord. Not in the UNITED states, but in Denmark.

in Order to be categorized as a serial killer must had knocked at least three people to death. The defendants, who before went under the names Lual Lual and now calls himself James Schmidt, was in 2012 convicted for the rape of a 14-year-old girl and pleaded guilty to attempted murder and attempted rape of a 30-year-old woman.

He is now charged for the additional three murders of three elderly citizens.

James Schmidt’s first conviction was seven years in prison. And for dompapper as me it sounds like a relatively low penalty – although according to the Danish conditions.

And the verdict was contrary to the Retslægerådets recommendation, as the council had the man in custody, because, after a thorough investigation made of subject matter experts assessed that the man of good Danish was seriously sick in the head.

For those of you who may not know what Retslægerådet is, so can I just mention that it is populated by professionals and experts, who supply medical and pharmaceutical discretion to public authorities in cases concerning individuals ‘ legal relationship.

the district Court and the high court followed the fagfolkets council. The supreme court, however, decided to reverse the two judgments here seemed to namely, that the then-19-year-old James Schmidt was a little too young to get a behandlingsdom. the

When I take it public or stand in a queue in the supermarket, so I meet occasionally a rude old man or lady. The type that jumps over the queue, vrisser or even mess up the other clients.

“Oh, this is old, leave it alone,” people often say a little hovedrystende, as if it being old automatically gives carte blanche to be an asshole.

And here we see a little bit the same – just about 10,000 times worse:

“Oh, it’s a young, who has beaten to death. And well yes, he has just raped. And doctors, and people specializing in ‘crazy’ recommend, that he is being professionally treated for an indefinite time. But, frankly, after all he is young!!! Give him a chance!”

A judge – a medical amoeba – has suddenly overrulet a number of experts who have diagnosed him as a sick man. He was healthy in the head, just because he was young!? What the hell is this logic? Can young people not be sick?

Well, this issue needs a new team of judges now decide over the next period of time. For more than on the prosecution service does not believe to hold evidence that James Schmidt now has beaten three people to death after serving fængselsdommen from 2012. Three brutal røvmord in the victims ‘ own home – for a little handouts.

the Question is whether a judge now believes that James is finally old enough to shut down the machine and processed. Or whether we need to see more crimes of a good heart.

Someone must have bad taste in the mouth.

Ditte Okman

Ditte Okman is the radio host of the popular B. T.-podcast ‘What we are talking about’, where each week she turns kendissladderen with a panel of big personalities. In addition, she is the mother of two, debater, and author of the book ‘Thin and rich’.