Director singer Larisa Dolina Ilya Spitsyn did not comment on her statement about the rules of behavior on the road. Spitsyn asked to pay attention to the year of issue of the program “Hundred questions to the adult”, which included statements of the actress, reports Ren-TV.

“This was in what year? And look at the calendar, what year it is. If you have some grandmother to discuss it (in the Network), then you have them then it will discuss,” — said Spitsyn.

Earlier in the Network appeared the edition of the program with Larisa Dolina “Hundred questions to the adult” from 2010. Then the boy asked the singer how she do if her car stop for traffic violations to the traffic police. Valley said that the herself behind the wheel is not moving, and only with the driver. But if the driver violates traffic rules, it is a document issued by the “chief policeman”, which it can’t stop on the roads.

“If very much has been violated by the driver, then we are very sorry, but I’m not fined for this,” said the singer, which caused a negative reaction of users.