Journalist Vladimir Solovyov — a hardened cynical huckster. About his colleague Alexei Venediktov said Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

Yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, Gordon has published on its YouTube channel an interview with Venediktov. In the course of it he asked his interlocutor whether went Soloviev crazy. Venediktov suggested that his colleague is mentally healthy.

According to him, the current rhetoric of Soloviev simulated, and the goal is to return to the post preferred an interviewer of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin obsequious lick stand for the microphone.

Venediktov expressed confidence that like Putin and become his interviewer, if radicalized. In his opinion, Solovyov — hardened cynical huckster in the bad sense of the word.

“These guys… Got outbid, and they will lick you all from the anus to the ears”, — said Venediktov.

In may, Gordon said that he would take an interview with Solovyov. He refused and called a colleague a Nazi scum, a bitch, a rogue, a nonentity, a mediocrity and a gruppenführer of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU).