TV presenter, doctor Elena Malysheva, which previously came under criticism for its overseas real estate, a lot of working and doing business, but her income is still lower than TV stars of its value in other countries. About it URA.RU said the TV host Vladimir Solovyov.

“Elena for a large number of years of brilliant work on “the First channel”. She is a wonderful doctor. It also deals with business and never hid it. If we compare the income Malysheva with revenues of TV stars of the same level in other countries, it turns out that Elena is not rich live,” said Solovyov in conversation with the correspondent URA.RU.

Host of the program “Live healthy!” on “the First channel” has been criticized after blogger Alexei Navalny published an investigation on its foreign real estate. It turned out that Malyshev owns a house worth 6.5 million dollars in the suburbs of new York. Also, it owns two apartments in Manhattan. Their value is 4.2 million dollars.

As noted by Soloviev, it is unclear why Malysheva, not being civil servants, the logic Navalny has no right to own property in other countries. He stressed that, unlike the opposition, the TV host works a lot and lives on donations from minors.

“Let him try, as Malysheva, so many years to remain at the top of the popularity, to make high-quality programs, to devote his life to the promotion of medicine. Maybe he’ll be able to earn,” said Soloviev.

After the cutscene Bulk under the posts in the instagram account Malysheva appeared angry comments, why she decided to disable the message under the last post. However, the haters filled up her page with new comments under another post, says “Constantinople”.