Solovyov called Utkina filth and phasmahyla over his excess weight

television and radio host Vladimir Solovyov, who refused verbal battle with the sports commentator Vasily Utkin, in his broadcast on YouTube showered him with ridicule overweight and tried to expose his sexual orientation. He called Utkina filth, “fat cattle” and sent to his address and other insults.

Solovyov believes that Utkin “oral fixation”, because he insults called him a “gay monkey”, and after a while in response to his tweet wrote to the presenter of the state channel, “See that you do not suck, forced to pereseivat”.

Author stream “looked past” Utkin. “If you open the wording “Vasily Utkin and the homosexual community”, you will see about Alla Dovlatov, who said Utkin long ago he came out and admitted that he was a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation,” — said Solovyov. He did not specify that the leading “Russian radio” in conversation with the guest commentator on “Match TV” by George Cherdantseva, referred to the rumors. She made these assumptions with the dismissal Utkina with “Match TV” what Cherdantsev noticed that don’t know, adding that he didn’t care what anyone’s orientation.

Next, Solov’ev showed a short video of a kiss Utkin with the comment “Match TV” Konstantin Genicam. In September 2019 Utkin himself published this photo, ironically signed “Masks dropped”. After Solovyov assured viewers that the commentators could not hide their orientation from football fans. In confirmation of lead showed the fans, who shout “No wife, no children, Vasya Utkin — fatty gay.”

Solov’ev devoted Utkin half an hour, also paying attention to the appearance of the opponent. He called it a “deeply unfortunate” and “difficult mentally ill person” who is not able to build relationships with employers, which, as he says, “flew from all channels where you worked.” He invited the commenter to pay for psychiatric assistance, hairdresser and nutritionist.

Solovyov said that would hit Utkina, if that “was healthy and able to fend for themselves”. “He’s trying to present himself as an authority, as a serious person. Serious people men passionately kissing. And such touching is considered improper,” concluded the presenter. He advised Utkin to keep their distance from him, calling it filth.

Earlier Solovyov refused face-to-face verbal duel with Utkin, calling it not an equal opponent. The presenter stated that he is not a rapper to participate in battles, moreover, do not want to “fight the pigs”.

the Conflict between Utkin and Solovyov broke out on 12 April after commentator in the broadcast channel “Rain” expressed indignation at the fact that he was forced to stay at home at their own expense and continue to make all utility payments. “Is that what I unfasten taxes every month for 30 years? I am very disappointed by this circumstance, to me, this state is not necessary,” he said. In response Solovyov called him a mentally ill person, whose words cannot discredit the Russian government.

the Verbal sparring continued on Twitter, where opponents have exchanged public posts criticizing each other. Utkin was named Solovyov’s “gay monkey”, and leading to a response called the commentator “to shout loud to you all in Kiev heard”. Utkin has addressed Putin in a video message in which he challenged him to a verbal battle, assuming that the opponent is “just absolutely Sasse”.