It is more than embarrassing for everyone involved: The Bundeswehr has received new uniforms in size “SS”. So the two letters that stand as a symbol for the Nazi regime along with the horrific crimes.

As reported by “Bild”, it is unclear whether the camouflage clothing – jacket and trousers – was ordered incorrectly or delivered incorrectly. Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has already ordered in an official “decision” that the soldiers must now remove the false labels from their uniforms themselves because “the abbreviation ‘SS’ was used for the size S-Short”.

The labels should either be cut off completely or “just the size designation” should be cut away if there are other information on the label. The new trousers and jackets were only ordered in the summer. The state spent 2.3 billion euros on 313,000 “combat clothing sets for the armed forces” as well as new helmets and sleeping bags.

Over 9 million Germans move every year, over 25,000 a day! So that you don’t experience any nasty surprises with the current energy prices, you must take care of the termination in good time. Because: If you do nothing at all, double the costs could arise in extreme cases.

The mood in the construction industry is extremely bad, construction projects are being canceled because there is a lack of raw materials and skilled workers due to inflation and the energy crisis. Experts also warn of further rent increases and loss of prosperity.

The midterm elections in the USA still have no clear winner on Saturday morning. Even in the House of Representatives, where a change of power was expected, Joe Biden’s Democrats could retain their narrow majority. In three states, the fight for the Senate is particularly tight. A decision will probably not be made until December.