the League is quiet, the FC Copenhagen players and managers have gone down in salary and coronavirussen continue to ravage throughout the world.

In such a world, perhaps it is not just players that fill up most around in the Danish clubs. Not in FC Copenhagen, says Stale Solbakken.

“You can say that it is right now is a bit on the keel, because you don’t know how to get out of it here. It is almost on the edge to immoral to sit here and talk about, ‘now we need to buy it and sell it’, and then you die there are people around,” says FCK manager.

In these days coach of FC Copenhagen in small groups on the plant in Frederiksberg, while large parts of Denmark are still shut down.

And it is here, the Norwegian will use its energy to make sure that particular his foreign players do well in a difficult situation.

But Stale Solbakken also know that he can’t put all of it, as he himself will call sports-work-to-side, even though the world looks as it does right now.

“It’s a strange situation, but at the same time, there comes a time following it here. It’s unimaginable now is that you don’t know something, because the development in the various countries are not going in a positive direction,” said Solbakken.

He himself, and all of the FC Copenhagen players have in this time, where there is not much earnings to pick up, decided to go 20% down in pay.

But Stale Solbakken also says that he has talked with the board about how he can contribute to help the group Parken Sport & Entertainment.

it May be that you can help by selling a player?

“Yes, it can be,” says Stale Solbakken, who also says that he provides his opinions in relation to other ways to help.

And that help is also is about looking at economic scenarios, depending on when the League starts again. It makes the earliest