“Arg! Sorry, I’m just being a little bit political, but if not the minister for culture, will defend the culture, so we need others to speak up. Kiss.”

connecting the tv host Sofie Linde on Sunday a story on his Instagram, where she reaches out for the Danish minister of culture, Joy Mogensen (S)

It happens after the minister in an interview with the Berlingske tidende, came with the following statement:

“I would perceive it as inappropriate, if I stood and talked about the culture right now,” she said among other things in an interview which was sought more clarity on which parts of the culture that will help to get through coronakrisen.

And this is exactly the comment that has received the popular ‘X Factor’host up out of the chair.

“the Danish cultural life, in particular, is stuck in the fingertips right now. The Danish cultural institutions: Theaters, theatres, venues, comedy clubs, festivals, museums, folk high schools, etc., hanging in the fingertips to survive, as their economy is heavily dependent on selling tickets.”

She explains further, how the Joy Mogensen Monday shall, in consultation with the committee on cultural affairs, and that she hopes the minister has been the wiser.

When we get on the other side of the coronakrisen, will cultural institutions: more than anything else to be crucial for us, believe Sofie Linde.

“I hope that she has used this little reflection to understand that it is precisely the culture we need right now.”

“It is the culture that binds us together, while we, each for himself, whether we sing songs around the farms, watching movies or reading books, but it is also greatly to the cultural institutions that physically bound us together again, when we are on the other side of this crisis.”

the minister for culture has, in the first instance referred to the general stimulus packages, when the Danish cultural institutions called on to support, but on Saturday there was so little other tones to track in Joy Mogensen, who called for negotiations.

“I have said all the time, to cultural life as far as possible, shall be subject to the general stimulus packages, but we have also in recent weeks looked at, who need specific solutions,” said the minister on Saturday.

And it is probably something that Sofie Linde welcome.

the Tv host ends his call with a direct call to the minister for culture:

“So I hope – Joy Mogensen – to you tomorrow (Monday, ed.) have understood the importance for us danes, that there is a cultural life. Because that is what bound us together, when we again see the bright times in the eyes.”

Joy Mogensen expect that she Tuesday can make specific solutions for public education, parks and the local and regional media in the Folketingssalen.