Extend, Yes, tighten no.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (53, CSU) has announced the exit restrictions, and store closures by two weeks to 19. To extend April.

▶︎ “It is no time for a hasty Exit or a debate about it,” he said at a press conference in Munich. The measures would not but for the worse.

The curve of new Infections flat something. With a view to the rules, he explains its effect:”It is. It is not necessary. And it needs to be continued.“ But it was only the middle of April one could say in conclusion how the results of the measures.

On Monday had been reported in Bavaria, 1147 infections, in total, there were 14 437. The number of dead had risen to 23 to 133.

Söder made it clear: “The situation is very, very serious. Therefore, there is no reason in Germany or in Bavaria to talk about it, that it would be clear. There is no reason to raise false hopes.“

“It is important that we not allow complacency to prevail,” says Söder. He warns, to loosen early in the action again. He criticized an “Exit-debate at the wrong time”.

the one Who gets up too early, you risk a massive relapse.
(Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder)