the Unsuccessful statement Regina Todorenko, justifying the violence of men, which cost her regalia and contracts at the same time sparked a wave of revelations of victims of violent abraxene. So, socialite Alena Kravets told about his experience of living with her husband, whom she considers a tyrant, and negatively expressed in the address Todorenko. What caused the flow of battle is in the address.

domestic violence and violent showdown became the main topics of the controversial talk show long before the words Todorenko about how to behave as women to avoid being beaten. As it turned out, in our country, double standards: on the one hand stories of the violence that can touch the soul, and on the other, they are used to attract the attention of the audience. Example: Gauguin Solntsev with his elderly wife Catherine: their scandals and fights are regularly broadcast in live programs, although they must be investigated according to the letter of the law.

Alena Kravets at the time was one of the first who publicly complained about the beating by the husband-oligarch. Socialite whose life seemed like a fairy tale, frankly admitted in talk shows that have suffered violence. Today Alena says that she was threatened by fans of Todorenko.

I’m always on the side of women. When Federal channels asking me for a program to protect a particular victim, I often see that it begins to attack other women. People like trying to kill the poor, which really was subjected to domestic violence or just violence by men. Continue to bite, to blame.


– in our society it is considered that the woman is at fault. Those who have not been through violence, do not understand the situation. I condemned Todorenko for her saying: how can a man with an audience of millions to show such a negative example of relationships between men and women? And what do you think? Her fanatics texting me now shit.

What you write?

– Threatening! Attack me! I wish that I was dead, say that I am a beast. In their expressions is not shy. Here is the last message came that my head need to break through.

You husband was beaten?

– I will not go into details. But, believe me, I’m so low key, that didn’t do anything that could provoke. And he said to me: “I will go only to the cemetery”. It’s been so long, but I have still such a pain!

– How do you feel about the scandals Gauguin Solntsev with his wife? They are so active PR.

Is a show, theater. In my history, there was no script, everything was real. I didn’t want to go on TV to tell about it. I friend and mom said that we should give publicity to the whole situation. I went, thinking about your child. I believe that public people have about ddomashnem violence to speak openly.

– Your life has changed after experiencing violence?

– of Course! I’m looking at a lot different now. I now help a girl whose husband cut her face with a shard from a bottle. Just like that, out of jealousy. She needs some plastic surgery. And after that, fans Todorenko write that I need to break his head… Who do they worship?