Shortly before midnight Toni Kroos takes, once again, his phone in Hand. He should post something to win the Spanish Supercup? A comparatively insignificant title?

With a Dose of Humor and self-irony, you can do this, he decides, and writes under the photo with the silver Cup: “What doubting if I should post a picture today. But I am 30 now. Every trophy counts.“ He has hit the right tone, it’s heart is a barrage of hundreds of thousands.

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Toni Kroos will follow on its Social Media channels, a total of about 40 million people. “Social Media is nowadays the first connection between the artist and the Fan,” he says, and explains: “I wanted to be closer to my Fans. Those who follow me, know that I post daily with my Breakfast. For me, this makes no sense. I have no urge to constantly post. According to the Motto: ‘Two Posts per week, otherwise I’m losing it.’ I would like to pick up my Fans again and again. If it will fit. To me the quality is more important than the quantity.“ (Also read: What marks the professional athletes

do) “If something bothers me, then I react to it”

Kroos writes each of his contributions. “I could many to list, where I can see based on the Posts carefully, that they have not written it yourself,” he says. “This is, in my eyes, pretty pointless. This has nothing to do with authenticity.“ His favorite medium is, unlike the majority of footballers – not Instagram, but Twitter. “Because you don’t need a photo or Video. But you can just comment on something. And give his opinion.“ So Kroos reacts on vicious comments. Or headlines of Newspapers advances, which are, in his opinion, exaggerated. “If me Headers bother you, then I react to. This is a great advantage of Twitter. You can make so simply, so quickly make things right.“

Sometimes he is not deliberately ambiguous or ironic, even at the risk that, under certain circumstances, as well. As a nod to the legendary world Cup semi-final 2014, which had lost to Brazil vs Germany 1:7, he wrote in a new year tweet “Feliz 2017”, the 1 and the 7, however, was replaced by the Brazilian or the German flag. The Brazilian Ronaldo has responded, and in allusion to the 2:0 in world Cup final of 2002, the 2 and the 0 as the Brazilian or the German flag. “That was a Post that today I would do the same again. Because he was funny and not disrespectful. I laughed at Ronaldo’s answer,“ says Kroos. (Read broke: How the German football his Junior scouting)

“to be rude or Anonymous should not be possible”

What was bothering him on Social Media, however, are the anonymous Pöbler. “What should I put as a Social Media Manager, it would not be to finally find a way, the anonymity to be abolished. Everyone who has a profile, should show his face, and it should be clear who is behind it. To be rude or anonymous should no longer be possible.“

Toni Kroos is a world brand. He has found his dealings with Social Media. But there are also players that need help and want to. We have in Sports-Total a experts: Marcel Berger was the first Social Media Manager, later Brand Manager at Nike. He has accompanied major campaigns and formed athlete brands. His main Credo: “The brand is associated with athletic performance. We can support the brand. But the Performance on the pitch always remains decisive.“

Berger also strongly discourages urgently, “write the guys texts for your Posts. Because I have not felt what it was like to shoot in front of the South stand is the ultimate goal. I’ve noticed it maybe from the stands, the atmosphere in the stadium snapped. But I can never imagine how it feels for the respective players. I can, however, help to associate the correct Hashtags. And that Post is ranked in the Social Media algorithm better. But I don’t put the guys on the right words in your mouth.“

Berger’s recommendation: “introduce yourself authentically is. Was not an actor. Not to apply anything, what you stand for. The Fans are extremely attentive and get everything. There was a Rapper that has rapped in every song’s lyrics about Alfa Romeo. And after the Fame was there, he drove suddenly Mercedes, which came out through an accidentally left on the key. The Rapper was subsequently torn to pieces by the Fans. As a footballer you should be outside of the square as it is.“

Franck Ribéry has shown how it is not

should make His second piece of advice: “Posts from the Emotion can be dangerous. After a defeat you can’t post what you want. You have to think of your club. You don’t want to annoy your Fans, your suppliers, your employers. Since it is difficult to remain authentic.“ Franck Ribéry posted once of the Emotion out, after he was criticized for eating a Gold-Steaks. He wrote: “we Begin with the jealous people and haters like to profess, to be caused by a leaky condom: F**** your mothers, your grandmothers and your entire family tree. I owe you nothing, my success I owe, especially to God, myself, and my Familiar, who have believed in me.“ Berger says: “footballers are the rock stars of today. You’re looking at you, a lot of them.“

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One of the white, and also lives, is the Brazilian Superstar Neymar. Recently, he played with pink hair. In the Post to the hairstyle he wrote: “I just play football.” It was, so it a rating of Berger, “a very conscious Post. If Neymar would be just a footballer, he would not color the hair pink. The brand Neymar is one of the very few who work without the appropriate Performance on the court. After the game, no one has spoken more about neymar’s performance. It was only because of the pink hair in the media.“

Berger predicts: “in the past, you went as a Fan to the place and hoped to get his favorite players autograph. The autographs have been replaced by Selfies. The levels move. At some point, one does not have the Bravo-sports-posters on the wall, but the Person as a hologram there. Or you speak at home with Toni Kroos. Tell you how now, Alexa, as the weather is. Or which you have appointments.“

And what of the traditional media? Berger: “Social Media is often to deep to address issues. Instagram Stories have a maximum length of 15 seconds. The are usually not looked at at all until the end. The attention span is very short. The User abides usually only nine seconds in a Story. In-depth topics are repealed in the case of the classic media much better. In a double-page Interview in the ‘Kicker’ or in the ‘Sport Bild’, for example.

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