It gets emotional in Mannheim-Waldhof. At “Hartz und Herzen” from the Benz barracks there is a reunion this week that nobody expected. There is also a new face in the district and in the social documentary and Elvis has a new job.

Most recently, the show had to say goodbye to a protagonist.

Three years ago, Elvis, the father of eight, was still employed as a carpenter’s assistant. Of course, he can’t make a living from taking part in “Hartz und Herzen”, as he has often emphasized himself. Now, thanks to the show, he has found a new job. A viewer of “Hartz und Herzen” approached him and organized a job with a cleaning company. However, the money is still not enough, Elvis and his family still need support from the state.

In November 2021, Dagmar died from the Benz barracks, who everyone called “the good soul” and who always stood by her neighbors and friends. She doesn’t live in Mannheim, but in Weimar, but Dagmar’s sister is also in the new episode “Hartz and warmly”. Monika turns 71 and for this reason her brother Horst from Berlin pays her a surprise visit to celebrate with her.

At the time of filming, Monika had also expected that Dagmar could be there on that day, but she passed away before then, so it’s good that Horst is with her. However, there is one more surprise: Dagmar’s daughters also appear in Weimar and that is actually an absolute premiere, because the family has never seen each other in this constellation before. No wonder it gets emotional.

“Hartz und cordial” runs on Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI or at any time on RTL

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