He was never tested, but the Premier League goalkeeper Pepe Reina was in no doubt that he has been hit hard by coronavirussen.

The hardest moment was when I could no longer breathe in the 25 minutes I ran out of oxygen. It was the worst moment in my life, says the 37-year-old Aston Villa goalkeeper to the Corriere dello Sport.

It was a very long moment for the Spanish goalkeeper. And along the way in the minutes, where the virus really attacks his body, reached Pepe Reina also to fear that he was to be a part of the thousands of people who have had to leave the life because of covid-19.

“I was very tired, after I experienced the first symptoms of the virus. Fever, dry cough, and a headache, which never disappeared. It was just a constant feeling of fatigue,” says Pepe Reina and continue on.

“The only real fear I had, was when it dawned on me that there was no oxygen. It was endless minutes with fear, as it was as if my throat was closed. Therefore, I gave me the first six or eight days indoors.”

Pepe Reina is not the first footballer who has been affected by the coronavirussen.

More has already been forward, but the keeper’s testimony is one of the most extreme among elitesportsudøverne.

Therefore, he took precautions and sat in the hjemmekarantæne. Together with his wife, five children and two from svigerfamilien keep they together in the big house, as Pepe Reina has placed himself in.

And it is here, he has fought against the deadly virus.

“I’m only now starting to win the fight against coronavirussen,” as Reina says.

Pepe Reina is right nun leased from Milan to Aston Villa, but like the rest of the Premier League awaits måmanden and teammates that are closed up for the English society again.

There will be no game of football in the Premier League until early 30. april, sounds it from the English.