Bayern’s goal for the next few days is clear: they would like to sign Dutchman Matthjis de Ligt from Turin. How so? Because the defender has a quality that Munich lacks in their own defenders.

Why Bayern are so keen to sign De Ligt: Bayern are dying for Matthjis de Ligt, Juventus’ coveted centre-back. How so? Because they see the Dutchman as a new defense chief that they would like to have. So a player who can lead others, gives commands and takes responsibility. One that they haven’t had since David Alaba left.

Short, compact, clear

No players who “shoulder the world”: Marcel Reif analyzes the situation in his role as a football expert at “Bild” and says clearly about Bayern’s existing defenders (Upamecano, Pavard and Hernandez): “Maybe they aren’t the types, the whole thing to shoulder the world. There are players who you don’t get beaten for making the big announcement.” That’s why Nagelsmann knows “what he wants with De Ligt”.