About 7.5% of the territory of Moscow, on which there are 140 natural areas under special protection, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in his personal blog on Monday.

"Today in Moscow under special protection taken 140 natural areas and their area exceeded 19 thousand hectares or 7.5% of the city. For comparison, it is the area of Moscow within the Garden ring", – said Sobyanin.

The mayor noted that in June-July of this year he signed the decision on creation in Moscow on 18 new especially protected natural territories area of over 1730 ha.

Sobyanin said that among the major natural areas, which has secured this year – a comprehensive reserve "Zelenograd," and two are located in this nature monument "Goleniewski Creek" and "Malinska swamp," wildlife sanctuary "Long ponds" and the natural reserve "North" reserve "fuss" and the environmental Park "Northern Butovo".