“Big building, a large number of people and equipment, but the metro stop is impossible due to the fact that it is a continuous process, is a key construction project for Moscow and Muscovites”, – quotes the mayor TASS.

According to the mayor, the length of the Eastern section of the Great circle line of the Moscow subway is located 11 kilometers, and most of them are laid using a 10-meter tunnel shields. 5 may one of these boards with the name “Victory” was assembled and put tunnel. This shield was designed by Chinese and Russian engineers, made it in China and brought to Moscow via the Northern sea route through St. Petersburg. Just before the end of the year it is planned to build 25 kilometres of new metro lines in Moscow.

the Mayor reminded that on may 12 in the capital allowed to resume work to all industrial and construction companies, but they must comply with strict precautions staff need to provide masks and gloves, you need to selectively test employees for coronavirus, and between jobs you need to keep your distance, or set partitions.