As he noted, “if by mid-may or in two weeks the load decreases, and we have a margin of safety to ensure that people to provide quality medical care to combat COVID – then we can think about measures of relief”. To achieve this goal we need not only working power but also of the population, which must comply with the city introduced measures against the spread of coronavirus. Otherwise, authorities of the capital can, on the contrary, to tighten control over the issuance of digital badges in Moscow.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, the introduction of QR codes gave a significant result. Such a system is the coordination of the movement of the residents have improved the efficiency of the fight against the spread of the virus. “Now we have a tool more accurate adjustment is called the “digital pass”. If we need to reduce the flow of people on the roads, in the subway, we simply reduce the volume of issuance of these digital gaps. Toughen in General the controls over the issuance of permits and trips between them. If we see any threat, we will of course come up with a proposal of tightening these measures”, – said Sobyanin.

the Mayor acknowledged that many Muscovites are tired of the isolation, and psychologically. “In the early days of the regime, many belonged to the pandemic more serious. In my opinion, this is natural, because there comes a certain psychological fatigue, when you say danger, danger, and talking about it for more than one week, you just get tired of it, and you want to believe that everything is already over”, – said Sobyanin.

But the collected fines for violation of the isolation goes against COVID-19, in particular they will purchased medicines, of funds directed to the development of medicine, including the deployment of temporary hospitals to treat patients with coronavirus.

Sobyanin said that the temporary hospitals in shopping malls, exhibition halls and stadiums will be used only when it reaches peak values in the city. “This was the practice in almost all countries that were experiencing the pandemic. This is the case, if all the same we approach peak values and not enough of the existing system of hospitals,” – said Sobyanin. He said that additional hospitals may not be necessary, but to prepare the springboard needed as the number of occupied beds has increased by 50 percent compared to the previous week. Currently, according to the mayor, is preparing to deploy 3,5-5 thousand beds in these temporary hospitals. Just to expand will be able to 10 thousand additional hospital beds. Now deploy temporary hospitals in the pavilions of the exhibition center, speed skating center “Krylatskoe” and automobile shopping centre “Moscow”.

meanwhile, in the capital have tested about 25 thousand physicians, have 2 of them.h of them confirmed the presence of antibodies to coronavirus, that is, they already had this virus. As said the mayor, about a thousand doctors sick coronavirus infection at the moment. However, doctors working with patients with coronavirus in the capital will receive a fee in the amount of 150 thousand rubles. Of this amount, 80 thousand – surcharge determined by the President of Russia, and 70 thousand – the Moscow premium. “We did not get your allowance. Thus, the total allowance will be 150 thousand rubles”, – said Sobyanin.

Referring to his defense against the virus, the mayor said that his office is fully accessible to “and hurt, and work.” But linger he is not going, and continues to visit hospitals and medical centers to visit construction sites. “The city continues to live, great city, and now to be locked in some office to sit and – well, I just impossible. I still need to understand and see what is going on, I take precautionary measures,” – said Sobyanin. He noted that the decrees on holidays played a cruel joke, since his schedule had disappeared the weekend, and now all one. “All the time you are in a good shape, and your focus all your actions on one. To still possible to fence the townspeople from the threat that hangs over them,” – said Sobyanin.

as to the development and production of vaccines against coronavirus, the mayor noted that such work can be carried out in Moscow in one of the closed scientific research institutes that are committed to this work. “They must have a high level of protection is very important. But judging by what was reported to the President on one of the selectors, it is quite possible that the Moscow Institute is the developer of this vaccine. Oh, and then you will be talking about the production in Moscow also have the possibility to produce it”, – said Sobyanin.

As head of the operational headquarters in the country, he noted that in Russia the situation is developing according to the scenario of Europe, and not China. “In my opinion, the Chinese version is impossible. We are already working on the European version, when the pandemic within the country and you just have to fight, smoothing out the peaks. Thus, as it were, increases the time of the epidemic, on the one hand, but on the other hand, that this smoothing enables the health normally and to help people, because when the explosion occurs, the amount critically ill is becoming such that no single country can’t cope with that. No!” – added the mayor.

“the Experience of foreign countries is invaluable for us, because many of them have already passed the peak, passed the quarantine regime, many are emerging from the crisis, and behind this tragedy many. Just a national tragedy: thousands of dead, deadSupreme, hundreds, tens of thousands ill, and in severe form. And, of course, important as worked there healthcare system, what measures have been taken, what worked and what didn’t work, and what is the situation there today. If we saw none of this, I think we would have adequate measures also are unable to take, because someone had to go first and show by example. But it is better to learn from the experience of others, than his,” said the mayor.

He noted that first and foremost took into account the experience of China, where the epicenter of the spread of infection has become Wuhan. There were isolated cases of people, sent them to quarantine and monitored contacts. According to the mayor of Moscow, the city also tried to isolate guests from China of people who might carry the disease. According to him, in Europe, the centers of the spread of the coronavirus was more – Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and other cities. Almost all over the world flew to Moscow people who might carry infection. More than 1 million people over the last month and a half returned to Russia from abroad, of which there were only 120 thousand Muscovites. They tried to quarantine, but to do it quickly was difficult enough.

Recall that in Moscow to 11 may inclusive extended mode isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus. For travel necessary to issue a digital pass, inscribing in them the number of the car or transportation cards.