TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has proposed a ban on colored pencils and other colored objects, so as not to promote the LGBT community. Parody video of the project “Ostorozhnosti” she posted to Instagram.

On a mounted video “meeting” with the Russian leader Sobchak appeared in a wig with shaggy and shapeless suit. She stated that the pencils in the country should be black and white only, and the Rubik’s cube of only one color. According to Sobchak, it is necessary to forbid children to watch the race in which the winner receives the rainbow Jersey and also to introduce a ban on the scorecard on the TV. “If you look at these bands for a few seconds, then forever it is possible to remain the invalid, in the sense of gay,” says Sobchak. Olympic rings Sobchak considered calling for gays to flee to the Registrar. In addition, according to her, all of the items should disappear, the phrase “bright prospects”, but instead to use the expression: “the great gray”.

Earlier, former Senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova said that ice cream is “the rainbow” can be hidden propaganda of nontraditional sexual orientation. Using a covert agitation children impose certain things. And thus they have some Association,” said URA.RU Lakhova. “The flag of sexual minorities is not a copy of the rainbow, but who is going to figure out how many stripes and what color? All I want to say: you need to be attentive to some things, as in this case the rainbow was not attributed to what they are not,” said the ex-Senator.

The President of the company “Clean line” (manufacturer of multicolored ice cream) Armen Beniaminov strongly disagree with the opinion Lakhov. “A rainbow is the sun after the rain, not the flag of the LGBT community,” he said. In social networks ambiguously met the request of the ex-Senator.