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– The host is a bit more cumbersome, as when one goes from having two large skjermar to a small berbar PC, says Aleksandra Groos Spanish.

That they have created to heimekontor on the dining table is not random.

Some one sit in the couch, it hosts a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. It is where one usually looks at the cups, television and such. We are more focused if we have a fixed workplace, which right now is at the dining table.

They believe it has gone down to working heimanfrå until now, but they have noted some significant differences between winners. They have for example lost album marked the first time to adapt the workplace with raise and lower-desk and good kontorstolar.

KNOWN TO MANY: So is it enough many matbord that looks for the time.

Photo: Change Erdal / Private Retrieve home office equipment

– There are probably many who come to know on both muscle and skjelettplager of sitta on heimekontor. When is it the body that the victory is offended that he is not so happy with the arbeidsstillinga.

Bedriftsergoterapeut Johanne Gjesdal Mo tilråder the opportunity to take home office equipment from the workplace to førebygga pain.

If you can take with you keyboard, mouse and monitor, you have come far.

It is not, however, anyone who has the opportunity to get the equipment home. Gjesdal Mo has several tips for how you can do your workplace at home is better. She says that they that has access to an external keyboard and mouse insert the berbare the PC up on a box or a stack of books. Then you can get the screen in augehøgde and can sitta with a straight neck.

BETTER POSTURE: Bedriftsergoterapeut Johanne Gjesdal Mo in Stamina Bedriftshelseteneste shows how one can make the workplace better, even if a is not able to take their equipment home from the office.

Photo: Private

– It is important to find a board with good work surface. Two tredelar of the forearm should not rest on the table. The height of the chair should be such that the arms can rest on the table, except that you must sitta with high shoulders.

Want to bevega

– It is not so that there is one optimal operating position. Our body is most fond of variety. If I shall come to the met one tip is to vary posture, ” says Gjesdal Mo.

In addition to ensured a good working posture she says that it is important with the movement through the working day. Both to increase the circulation in the body and to give the head a break.

– Small bevegelsar, as to weaver on the shoulder or the leg on the arms can be a good idea to repeat every tenth minute. And so it is recommended that one takes a little longer pausar after three quarters of an hour. Then you can go for a walk on a couple of minute or do a little housework. All movement is good movement.

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JUGGLING: Changing Erdal juggling to get the movement in the body through the working day.

Photo: Private Has begun to sjonglera

On heimekontoret to Groos the Spanish and Erdal have them already loaded into such pausar.

– Change has for example begun to sjonglera to get a break from work to tell Groos Spanish.

– Yes, it is a bit of juggling between the beats, activate Erdal.

And if they have worked from the hall much longer will they do that, Gjesdal Mo advises, and brought home chairs and skjermar from the workplace.

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