photos of the grandparents on paper, slides, Negatives and bleach out yellowing. Video-cassettes with recordings of the children dissolve into individual parts. Records with the favorite songs from the youth are suddenly scratched. Analog media are ephemeral. What you are today in a cardboard box in the floor, and is destroyed in ten or twenty years, perhaps – or it is no longer the appropriate playback device.

And suddenly it’s like the Swiss television – and it has memories, like the moon landing or “Teleboy”-broadcasts are no longer in the archive.

The good news is that Older media for a long time – if stored protected from moisture and weather influences. Professionally developed Black-and-White photos survive for around 50 years. Vinyl records for much longer. Negative and color images, however, often only has a shelf life of ten to twenty years.

Similarly, it looks bad for VHS tapes, Audio cassettes and also CDs. Depending on the make can be after ten years.

you Have lost old photos? Were transferred out Provided important recordings? You can no longer enjoy the old memories, because a playback device is missing? They tell us our history at the bottom of the form.

For many, but the greater Problem is that you eventually have no playback device more for it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to digitize all of the old treasures.

to back up photos, slides, Vinyl, or cassettes for eternity

Professional provider to do the Scanning for about 30 to 50 cents per image, inclusive of correction. Who wants to scan large quantities of itself, either uses its own Scanner or get around 120 francs a specialist Gadget. Reflecta offers such as photo Scanner, depending on the model, you can also read out directly from the Album, so that you do not need to remove the images.

here you will find various photo studios and Internet providers, which have specialized in the digitizing. The prices are also around 30 to 50 cents for a Slide, or a photo from a Negative. Who wants to lend a Hand yourself, you need a specialized Scanner that is also a master of both formats. In the trade there are various models for around 150 to 300 francs.

The is the professional expensive quickly. Around 29 cents per Minute cost of the digitization, i.e., 15 to 17 francs per long-playing record. This is a larger collection of expensive quickly. Then, for 130 francs the record player Sony buy that has a USB port. Thanks to the supplied program, you can read his LPs now, himself – and yet again on the stereo play.

With 15 cents per Minute is the reading for the service providers, such as a bit cheaper than Vinyl. Who still has an old cassette deck, finds the appropriate Adapter for 20 francs, this directly to the Computer to connect and digitize the content. This also works with record players and video recorders. New playback devices with USB interface, however, there are only a few.

around 40 cents per Minute, the reading is worth it in the specialist trade only, if you really want to get precious recordings for posterity. Cheaper you go, if you are a old player and this is via an Adapter starting around 20 Swiss francs to the Computer to hang. VHS Player, but only at flea markets or at online auctions.

Also, digital media have an expiry date

With the digitization does not, however, end the work. For image, music or video files can disappear with a wrong click. In addition, digital storage media such as USB Sticks, hard drives, or DVDs have a shorter life expectancy than most of the analog media.

Also, the storage in the Internet in a so-called Cloud providers can into the eye. This has been seen recently in the case of Swisscom, as Accidentally files such as photos have been deleted. Therefore, it is recommended that all of the files in at least two places and to check the backup regularly and renew it.

The ideal combination today is a Cloud storage combined with a physical storage such as an external storage drive. So the risk that you lose in a fire or water damage, everything is reduced.

The same applies of course for all the photos, Videos and sound recordings that you have made in the digital age, and you want to keep for the long term. Important in the fast-paced digital world is that it saves its files in a widely used Format. About Wav or Mp3 for Audio, Mpeg-4 or Avi for Video, and Raw or Jpeg for images.

Who is the formats reviewed every five to ten years, and files where appropriate, in the updated Version of convert, in addition, make sure you can be in 30 years read.