Every year starts for around 70’000 people a new Chapter in your life – the entry into the professional world. A dangerous section of the latest Figures of the Swiss accident insurance (Suva) show that In the past ten years, apprentices had an annual average of about 25’000 accidents – one in every eight learning was affected.

“Young people are enthusiastic, easily distracted and appreciate the risks, sometimes wrong”, says the Suva in a communication to the high number. Almost 40 percent of the accidents of learners happen to work at hand. So activities such as Drilling, grinding, sanding or machine milling ratio would lead relatively often to accidents.

“In the first year of training to happen, and, statistically, clearly the most Malheure”, says Suva-media spokesperson Erika Rogger to VIEW. This value is the effective risk of accidents reflect, however, is not entirely correct, since it’ll be specifically abortions after the first year of training to many Teachers.

The misadventures of learners were in General health, less severe than those of any other employee. This is not least to the General prohibition of hazardous Work to youth protection Ordinance in accordance with due.

especially in the leisure it comes to accidents,

many accidents happen in leisure time, in the case of apprentices even be twice as often as at work. In Switzerland, there were, according to the Suva in the past ten years, about 46’000 people.

provides Most of involvement in sports for injuries. Especially dangerous is the youthful passion for the game of football is: 44 percent of all injuries happen when you Kick the Ball, but also Ski and snowboard accidents in the accident statistics, with ten per cent quite often.

The Swiss accident insurance (Suva) attaches great importance to raising the awareness of learners to risks and hazards both at work and in leisure time. To this end, developed the campaign “Safe training”. This provides free school documents and teaching AIDS for Trainers and trainees available. The aim is to improve the risk competence of the learners. Is also important that the career aspirants to learn and the occurring risks at an early stage and to assess.

In these weeks, many young people start with an apprenticeship. From automotive mechatronics, to the violin-maker – the offer of attractive positions is wide. Nevertheless, 8000 apprenticeships were a month ago, still vacant.