He is now a Hero. With the Champions League title has made the most of Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool’s immortal. Since 2015, the 52-year-old German in the Beatles ‘ hometown on the side line. Be paper, which has won him currently around eight million Swiss francs per year, runs until 2022. The leaders of the Reds would, however, prolong in advance with Kloppo.

According to the English newspaper “the Sun” would like to tie Liverpool in the sought-after Trainer with a six-year contract in the long term. For this you need to dig deep in the pockets, Klopp’s wage is to be raised to over 12 million. Thus, the former Mainz-Kicker in six years, would collect far more than 70 million.

Pep without competition

A huge sum – you think. But, when comparing with the Rest of the Premier League, into perspective of the Whole. Master trainer Pep Guardiola, for example, conceded by Manchester city sheikhs about 26 million Swiss francs a year. More than any other on the island. Also Tottenham’s Pochettino can keep up with 10.5 million quite well with Klopp.

The wage-king of Europe but in the Premier League to Say this – but in Spain. According to the French newspaper “L’équipe” is Atletico’s Diego Simeone at the top of the salary list. The Argentines deserves to mad 45 million Swiss francs in the year. (mam)

It is simmering powerful, in the transfer rumours for the summer window 2019/2020. Who is going to take whom, what are the Top Stars? Here you will learn everything.