The goals are always high in Wolfsburg (D): “The task of a Gulf is there, new technology in the volume Segment to��, says VW development chief Frank Welsch, as he introduces us to the new technology Features of the upcoming, eighth-Generation Golf. Self-consciously, he adds: “Any Golf of it compared to its predecessor, yet with a shovel.”

Infotainment and connectivity

the Motto of the eighth edition, which comes this year on the market, is “Infotainment and connectivity”. Especially in the interior, a lot going on. The operation of the new 10-inch touchscreen will have a significant graphical component: type about the on-screen car in front of the Bug in the radar cone, you move on immediately to the sub-menu of the cruise control. Buttons and switches are banished from the Cockpit. However, there will be a few direct selection buttons and find the “smaller” Infotainment variants, which are, for example, to 8.25-inch screen, and knobs.

Everything for the Generation Smartphone

This is good news for the classic Golf customers who do not necessarily form part of the Digital Natives and more likely in the case of classical control concepts, feel at home. For the Generation Smartphone, the most important of all the VWs, by contrast, offers an extensive Playground. The user interface is, as in the case of a current Smartphone, made of tile-shaped Apps, which can be according to Gusto back and forth. The instruments are also digital and configurable. Software Updates are carried out online, so that the Golf driver has always the latest Version. The profile of the driver can be taken over the phone in a other Golf.

Digital automatic gearbox

The next Golf will also have other new Features. About a digital key, a Head-up Display, enhanced Autonomous driving functions (Travel Assist 2.0) with predictive cruise control and Shift-by-Wire digital automatic, in which the lever is no longer mechanically engage and the gears are digitally changed. This has a positive effect on the Park assistant, which now ranks independently, without the driver having to intervene, and from the Reverse switch in the forward gear.

gasoline, Diesel and mild-hybrid

The development costs for all the functions is enormous: at the start of sales, all the errors are eliminated, work is currently around 1500 engineers and technicians on the new Golf. “We are in the Plan,” Frank speaks Welsh to the contrary, reports in the media. The car should be fully configurable, as soon as it is available. At the beginning VW Golf 8 with a 2.0 TDI Diesel, a 1.5 TSI gasoline engine and a mild hybrid (also with the 1.5 TSI). The dimensions will change only marginally, even the wheelbase remains identical to the current Golf.