The marriage request of a Moderator Sven Epiney to his friend Michael Graber in the television took a lot of talking. The request was criticized by homophobes, and in part harsh. Other celebrities to go with homophobia.

“many of The negative comments on Epineys the request of a shock to me. They are a clear sign that the hidden homophobia in the Swiss population since, as I suspected. Nobody will tell me some gay enemy in the face, but I think I won’t sometimes booked because I was in love with a man, and I would probably be more successful if I was gay.”

Philipp Fankhauser (55), singer: “Since the 3. April of this year to be stoned to death of Gays in Brunei, officially and according to law. No, Sven’s knee is no Problem, but the proof that we are free people in a free country.”

“”On the street and I hear in part: “Lueg mol, such as gay de usgseht” or “Hesch gseh, how gay is aleit?” But such stories are to me now.”

Lilley (67), Stylist: “discrimination I have never experienced. But of course there are unpleasant moments. Recently, I was taken in France by a couple of teenagers. I reacted with Humor, but it is a narrow degree, such situations may be a slightly Negative tilt.

Barrile (42), Nationalrat: “Depending on the subject, to refer to the I public position, are the negative reactions of different intensity. In debates on health care, I am the Redistributor, and in questions of Migration, I want to emigrate to Italy. If I voice my opinion but to LGBTI issues, then the dams break. Then some of the comments, especially on Social Media, bottom drawer.”

“luckily, I had hardly a negative experience. My Outing I had with 18, because I listened to maybe twice the insult . I live in a very tolerant environment, and must not be homophobia. To me, however, is aware that not all are in such a tolerant environment.”

“I was actually faced with homophobia. When I was younger that has me unsettled. Today I am about it. Homophobia and racism, and other animosities against the so-called marginalised groups are nowadays, unfortunately, still an issue.”

the Heath (47), singer: “of Course, I experience hostility, most often in comments on Social Media. Because sometimes even threats. In an artist’s career one has, but it sure is easier, Also in the social field, in which I nurse used to be as ill, you will be accepted. In typical male Jobs, it may be more difficult.”

“After my Outing, I have received extremely positive feedback. However, it had professional consequences: I lost three major customers, since I made the relationship to Tamy open to the public. With the official justification that you are a lesbian Ambassador for her conservative audience would be too risky.”

Glauser (34), Model: “”I’ve made some bad experiences, luckily not with Dominique. Once I must, in a Club with a girl as a type, and it is massively messed around with. When I complained, we were kicked out of the Club, on the grounds that it was a normal reaction, when two beautiful women hooking up with each other.”

“Raphael, My husband and I live our love. We make only positive experiences in our the majority of heterosexual circle of friends. It should have absolutely no role to play, whom to marry, whether male or female. I find the gesture of Sven Epiney sympathetic, I hope that such does not have to give in a few years, rise to debate, but simply to normality.”

Lima cher (33), a drag Queen Gossipa : “The last Time I was confronted two weeks ago in the mountains of Grisons with homophobia. A small group of straight guys and their Girlfriends asked me to an Après-Ski Bar, whether I’m from the carnival. I said no, then they called me a “Fucking faggot”.”