The popular social media platform Tiktok has to answer in court in the USA. Two young girls died last year after the blackout challenge spread on the app, and their parents filed a lawsuit on Friday. This is reported, among other things, by the “Los Angeles Times”.

The two cases happened independently, but are now being brought to court together in two lawsuits against the internet giant. The accusation: The app’s algorithm repeatedly showed both eight-year-old Lalani and nine-year-old Arriani videos of the blackout challenge. Participants try to strangle themselves to the point of unconsciousness. One of the goals is to get a lot of clicks.

The two girls died after apparently wanting to take part in the challenge themselves. Their parents found the girls in their rooms. They had strangled themselves.

According to multiple reports, Lalani and Arriani are not the first children to die in the dangerous trend. Accordingly, a number of other children between the ages of ten and fourteen have allegedly died under similar circumstances.

In the past, TikTok has always denied that the blackout challenge is a TikTok trend, citing cases before the app was created in which children died from the “choking game”. In addition, the company told the Washington Post that the hashtag