Swiss bakers have to fight. Shops close and customers will be jumping ship. In 2009, there was still 1866-producing farms, which belonged to the Swiss bakery Confiseuren (SBC), it is in 2019, only the 1436.

There are more of the rural businesses, the need to close up Shop. Alone, in the Canton of Bern 40 bakeries were in the last five years in bankruptcy. Nevertheless, Bern, Switzerland is far the most back houses.

Tend to bakeries in urban centers are confronted with less existential problems, stresses, SBC Director Urs Wellauer to VIEW. You would benefit from a big walk-in customers. For Wellauer, however, is clear: “Each bankruptcy of a well-established bakery operation is a blow to our industry.”

wholesalers and discounters, such as Aldi or Lidl are increasingly relying on the sale of bread, croissants and co. – and with growing success. Due to greater efficiency in the production, you can produce cheaper than the local bakeries. Many of the small bakers can’t keep up with that. The retail giant Coop, confirmed to VIEW, in the past few years, a Trend in the direction of fresh, healthy bread found. Expanded they had were the proportion of oven-fresh baking. Concrete sales figures for the Coop does not want to call. But the breads and rolls to be running. “We employ around 600 trained bakers, pastry chefs, food technologists and skilled professionals.” Noël Brühlmann

the agreement sets minimum wages

Also in terms of their wages to the bakers and the bakery, as well as the employees of the bakery have to bake has always been small bun. Partly the reason for the joy of a new overall contract of employment between the Baker-Confiseuren and the employers. Since 1. January 2019 to be a Baker in the production, depending on the training and function – on a monthly basis at least 4051 Swiss francs. Added a 13. Monthly wage and wage surcharges of up to 25 percent if the employee has to work between 22 and 3 o’clock.

The effective rates of pay are a little about this contractual Minimum. According to the independent database of “salary analysis” earned the Baker in Switzerland to a gross annual salary of 56’608 francs. The 13 is. Monthly salary distributed over the twelve months, paid out, this results in an average monthly wage of 4717 Swiss francs.

top of the list is the Canton of Thurgau, where the average annual salary is a gross 63’461 francs. Bakery specialist-sellers earn only a little more than 4000 Swiss francs per month, which moves very close to the contractual Minimum.

The site “pay check” comes, however, at higher Salaries. Based on 13 months ‘ wages, and a full-time position for a Baker-confectioner, with a median salary of 5010 francs.

No provision for apprentices

For apprentices recommended by the Central Board of the SBC in the first year of the apprenticeship, 800 Swiss francs per month. In the second year of an apprentice 900 should earn in the third year of the apprenticeship, monthly, 1100 francs.

These Figures are, however, intended only as non-binding reference values. Deviations are possible.