Fit and Healthy a lot of people are looking at this cornonatijden of ways to get involved. And with social media. That will do in a manner of speaking, the gold business. The photo app Snapchat, taking responsibility, and using that focus to enlighten people on the basis of the filter.

Snapchat teamed together with the world health organization (WHO), and designed and animated graphics to explain how to protect yourself in the coronatijden. The ‘washing your hands regularly, to avoid touching your face, not ” and ” cover your mouth when you cough’. These tips will go hand in hand with the tons of washing our hands, a face mask, and activities in which you have at home can do, such as meditate, do a puzzle or reading a book.

in The second filter, which gives a great idea of how much distance you need to keep track of other people. Those who have the filter, you will see circles appear on the screen to indicate when the person in front of them, close to coming.

Your filters have been based on the information provided by the WHO and regularly updates the on-haarofficiële web site. In a press release, to submit to the app that they are confident that their users can make all the difference in the fight against the virus.Meanwhile, the team at Snapchat to work with the world health organization to the users on the site.