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I think it is sad. It is a subject group that dwell close to each other. So there are reasons to be easier said than done.

It says the SV-politician and the English-somaliar Abdi Said.

He has long disquieted themselves for koronasmitta in Oslo, especially among the somali population in bydelane on austkanten.

today came to speak that shows that people born in Somalia are hardast frame of koronasmitte among immigrants in Norway.

Of the 4655 the figure that has been shown koronasmitte in Norway to 829 persons be born outside Norway.

201 to be born in Somalia, type the FHI.

They underlines that the distribution of opt the case with covid-19 on gender, age, smittestad and country of birth are largely an expression of how many and who a test.

– We see that there are some groups that may be more expose, among other things, inhabitants born in Somalia, type the Norwegian institute of public health.

At FHI’s press conference Wednesday afternoon, the black Head of department, Line Violence the following questions about immigrants were over-represented in the national smittestatistikken:

– There is no over-representation of persons born abroad in the talmaterialet we have to now. But we follow the situation closely, and place great emphasis on reaching out with information in different languages in different channels.

Smittevernoverlegen is reportedly

Smittevernoverlegen in the capital, Tore Steen tell about an unsettling increase in the number of suffering in bydelane Stovner, Old Oslo Alna.

He believes one of the reasons for this may be that these bydelane has several innvandrar.

We see, therefore, that there is less infection, and in any case relatively minor infection among ethnic norwegians and more infection among the immigrants, ” says Steen.

He explains that the first weeks were the most infection in the western parts, a good part of it was the people who had been on a skiing holiday in Italy and Austria.

in recent weeks, we have seen a turning towards that there are more new infections in parts with many immigrants, ” says Steen.

He explains further that in particular, many norsksomaliarar have been sick of koronaviruset.

– Unfortunately, it is so that among the immigrants as it seems to be additional infection among somalis, says Steen.

easier said than done: Tore Steen, smittevernoverlege in Oslo, is easier said than done koronasmitte among norsksomaliarar.

Photo: The Wie Furunes / NRK Think politicians need to take account for butrengsla in the areas

Abdi Said think it is important that the politicians that are working with measures against koronaviruset take account for how a people dwell in some parts, and not least the language barrier

Said to have responded that go there and the important meeting places in Greenland was not closed earlier.

Even after koronadødsfall in many other european countries one could still see that the groups with somalis still gathered in the area here. And the cafe here was open. It was the police who finally shut up he says Said.

the Police bekreftar above NRK that they last Friday called two kafeeigarar on Greenland and advice them to close kafeane for it was great smittefare among somalis in Oslo.

Said the think, a Norwegian-somalis their culture to be social, make them especially exposed to the koronaviruset.

We somalis are social, we talk, and dwell close together, and it is not beneficial now that the one has a virus that spreads as quickly as it koronaviruset now making, he says.

SOCIAL CULTURE: Norwegian-somali Abdi Said has long disquieted themselves for smittetala in Oslo. – We somalis are social, we talk, and dwell close together, and it is not favorable now, ” he says.

Photo: The Wie Furunes / NRK Several norsksomaliarar bur distress

– the first inhabitants share a number of somalis in large families and quite narrow, ” says Steen.

This is one of the reasons smittevernoverlegen point out when NRK ask him to explain why several norsksomaliarar have been sick.

– there Are many who have been sick?

There is a part that has been ill and been admitted. But as far as I can see, there are no somalis who are dead for now, says Steen.

Further tells smittevernoverlegen that varying norskkunnskapar can be a part of the explanation.

– so do that any man might not have been to realize that the authorities have come, ” says Steen.

The third reason Steen pointed out is about the somali culture:

– In the somali culture is people much near to each other and the message of social distancing may therefore have been more difficult to understand in the somali group, says smittevernoverlegen in Oslo.

Will cooperate with the somali milieus

Tore Steen, smittevernoverlege in Oslo pointed out two measures that he wishes to introduce to lessen the preventing the spread of koronavirus in the hardast met bydelane on austkanten of the head.

He believes it is important that bydelane themselves offer additional individual follow-up for immigrants.

I think it is extra important to give additional attention to immigrants who are in quarantine and isolation in order that they understand what they can do and cannot do, ” says Steen.

He believes, and that the municipality must cooperate closer with the somali milieus in the city to get information about koronaviruset to several.

– There need to be more specific information aimed at the somali environment. And I think that it is important that a user people that are linking to the environment, such as the so-called bydelsmødrene, which is a good way to reach out to this group in, ” says Steen.

More svensksomaliarar died in Sweden

In Sweden, it was in the previous week to know that several of those who died of korona was svensksomaliarar.

According to the svensksomaliske legeforeininga there was little information on the somali and koronaviruset began to spread. The lack of information did that several somalis continued to live as before.

– In the somali culture, it is important to the one, support and visit one another, especially when any man is sick, said a board member of the Swedish legeforeininga Jihan Mohamed.

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