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– Some are already informed, when it is family members and colleagues who are infected. But they are completely rejected, we keep the confidentiality. We are not saying who they have been in the vicinity of, say helsesykepleier Margrethe Pettersen.

She and the other employees on the smittevernkontoret in Bergen has so far tracked up over 2200 people since koronaviruset broke out in the municipality.

Common for those being contacted is that they all have been in close contact with someone who has been proven koronaviruset.

– We do it to see where the infection comes from, and that the right people will get quarantined, so that we can prevent further infection in the community, ” says Pettersen.

– Impossible to know how large a crew you must have

The first koronatilfellet in Bergen was known 28. February.

Wednesday 1. april had 292 people been shown koronasmitte in the municipality of Bergen. In the whole country will soon have 5000 confirmed koronaviruset.

In addition to the five permanent employees at the smittevernkontoret, it brought in ten people are needed to assist during the pandemic. This is, among others, pensioners, students, staff from other services in the municipality and from the private sector.

It was particularly busy at the start of the outbreak.

People had been out and traveled, they had been at school, or work and leisure activities. Then there was the many we had contact per person, ” says Miller.

SMITTESPORINGSARK: At the most the employees had to contact 70 people who had been in contact with one person with a confirmed koronasmitte.

Photo: Øyvor Bakke / NRK Comprehensive job

At the most the employees had to contact 70 people who had been in contact with one person with a confirmed koronasmitte.

There is considerable variation. Last Thursday, we received 33 positive samples in which we had to track up close. Monday this week there were only two positive, and so far today is the 18 positive samples to work from, ” says smittevernleder Egil Kaberuka-Nielsen.

After the government introduced smitteverntiltakene, it was quieter. Nevertheless, it is a comprehensive work that is being done by smittevernkontorene around the country.

despite The fact that it is less busy now than in the beginning, ” says Kaberuka-Nielsen that the challenge is to have enough crew to work.

Some say it will slow down now, but we plan to have an increased capacity. It is impossible to know how large a crew you must have.

the INCREASED CAPACITY: Even if someone suggests that the number of infected now will slow down, they plan for increased capacity.

Photo: Øyvor Bakke / NRK Must rely on the people

Smittesporing is important to crack down on the spread of koronaviruset. Those who are called, being put in quarantine from the date of the last was along with the infected.

how To prevent that several of them are infected. This work is the same as when they trace the people who have had tuberculosis or chlamydia.

the Work rests on the fact that those who are infected, is honest about who they have met.

– By calling 2.200 from bergen, they have made an invaluable contribution to prevent the infestation from spreading in bysamfunnet our, says the commissioner for the elderly, health and volunteering, Beate Husa.

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