In Perth, Australia, a vegan wrote a handwritten letter asking his neighbors to close their windows when he was preparing meat. The reaction sparks a heated discussion.

In Perth, Australia, a vegan has written a handwritten letter asking his neighbors to close their windows when cooking meat to stop what he says is a “sickening” smell. As the Daily Mail reported, this request sparked a heated discussion about whether the vegan’s request was justified or not.

The letter, which included the words “Please take seriously” and “Important message”, was posted on social media by a woman called Sarah from the northern coastal suburb of Burns Beach in Perth. “Hello neighbor, could you please close your side window when you cook? My family is vegan and the smell of the meat makes us sick and angry. We would greatly appreciate your consideration,” the letter said.

According to a report by Today, the letter prompted hundreds of reactions on Facebook, ranging from amazement at the situation to suggestions that the neighbor open the window completely to annoy the family. One comment said: “I would understand if they smoked cigarettes and the smoke and smell spread and affected the family’s health. But not liking the smell of meat really isn’t a good reason to ask someone to close their windows.”

Another comment reads: “What does she do when she takes the kids to the park and there are people barbecuing? Does she also ask them to stop grilling? Brazen.”

However, some commenters seemed to support the vegan lifestyle and defended the letter writer: “I feel like this was a really polite letter and it’s true, the smell of meat is overpowering. It would be nice to show some respect to your neighbors and not publicly try to condemn them for their strong ethical morals.”

However, the neighborhood dispute in Perth did not end with the first letter. The neighbor, who did not comply with the request and forwarded the letter to the medium “Hey Perth”, ended up receiving another letter from the vegan family.

In this second letter they admonished their neighbor with the words “Final Warning.” They complained about a barbecue party with many guests that the neighbor had held despite their complaints. The family threatened to report the neighbor and spread the situation on social media if he continued to leave the window open while frying meat.

It is not known whether the two parties were able to reach an agreement.

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