and Slow Fashion, timeless Design, the concept of the Boutique, Kari Kari is in Zurich’s district 3. Now, because suddenly the whole world is slow, and it felt like a timeless and turns, well worth a visit there. Of course, no longer on-site in the pretty Eckstore with the picturesque marble counter, but in your virtual home on

Nina Gschwilm: no, not at all. When all of this started, I would have never expected to have the Store close. Fortunately, we already had an online shop, but the personal advice and the direct customers had priority contact, for me, makes Online, only about 10-15% of the total turnover. So I have to expect in the next few weeks with big losses and remain flexible in terms of digital support.

In the Kari Kari all my heart, my Passion and my existence is. It is not so funny, to know if and when you can move on. Small shops and businesses, hitting it particularly hard, because we bear the entire risk alone. Rent must be paid, and the acquisition of replacement fills only a small gap for the losses that we will lose over the next few weeks.

Yes, definitely. In my case, I find, of course, that the self-employed and small entrepreneurs need to be helped in such a Situation. I try as much as possible to stay in contact with my customers and letter box offer deliveries, Free Shipping, returns and personal advice via phone or Mail. Although I get not a Selfie-boyfriend am, my clients are now pictures of me in your selected pieces, so you can get a better picture.

The Good thing about such times is that we are all a little light-of-hearing, and more open to alternative ideas. I think positive and assume that the economy will recover again after a while and we can look forward to better times.

From this crisis have already been incurred so many great initiatives. The cohesion and the mutual support makes me very happy. Me, for example, was always aware that I have amazing and loving clients and friends, but I have received so many personal messages, and “hang in there-wish”, has me overwhelmed. These are the moments in which you know exactly that you do the Right thing. I can’t wait to be able to re-open the doors.

We are very happy about every request and order Online! Coupons, and also give away a great idea is not to buy, if you shop so much online. In addition: It put friends and family to the heart.

Thank you, Nina

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