Small and medium business in Russia will get a reprieve on the payment of insurance premiums because of the

small and Medium business in Russia will get a reprieve on the payment of insurance premiums because of the small and Medium business in Russia will get a reprieve on the payment of insurance premiums because of the “coronavirus” to the crisis
the Government

Industry of the Russian economy, caught in a difficult situation because of the pandemic of the mers will be able to get a deferral on tax payments. This was stated by Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin at the government meeting. His words leads TASS.

the Special attention, according to mishustina, must be paid to supporting small and medium-sized businesses. “This sector employs millions of people, and he was none the less a difficult situation. So for three months, starting in March, introduces a delay in the payment of premiums, and temporary postponement on lease payments for those leases of state or municipal property,” he said. In addition, a moratorium on tax and customs inspections of small and medium enterprises, expanded programs of concessional lending and the possibility of restructuring at affordable rates earlier loans. Provided and capitalization of regional microfinance organizations for maximum coverage of preferential loans for small and medium business.

the Prime Minister reminded about his instruction to 1 may provide a reprieve to companies in the sphere of tourist business and airlines. In addition, it was decided to exempt operators from paying contributions to the reserve Fund of the Association “Turpomosch”. According to him, the MAYOR of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of transport and Rosturizm will develop a system of compensation to operators losses associateds with non-refundable fares in air travel.

According to him, Russia plans to conduct weekly monitoring of the labour market “to see the full picture of employment, particularly in single-industry towns, the most vulnerable from this point of view.” “Social benefits to persons recognized as unemployed, to be paid on time and in full. If necessary, we will help the regions,” – said Mishustin.

the Prime Minister considers it necessary to protect investors funding startups in the areas of high risk. He recalled the words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the right to risk the venture, to even a bad idea is not meant a misappropriation of funds and criminal prosecution. “We’ve recalibrated the system of state support of direct venture funding, as enshrined in legislation the concept of venture funding and the Institute for innovation development”, – said the Prime Minister.

in Addition, Mishustin assured that the government and the Bank of Russia will take additional measures to stabilize the situation in the financial market. “We have created a financial reserve in the amount of 300 billion rubles, as well as the guarantee Fund for loan restructuring companies that are in a difficult situation,” he added.

Speaking about other issues on the agenda, Mishustin noted the need to support small towns and historic settlements. “Today we are going to allocate 5 billion roubles for 43 regions in the framework of all-Russian competition of the best projects of creation of comfortable urban environment in small towns and historic settlements”, – he said. Mishustin stressed the importance of discussion with the residents of the settlements themselves changes that need to be done on funds from government. He recalled that in 2021 the volume of funds allocated for these purposes will be doubled to 10 billion rubles.