powerful Swiss at the ski cross in Feldberg (De)! With Romain Detraz (2.) and Saturday winner Ryan Regez (3.) it is equal to two Swiss on the podium. The two Swiss will have to give in the Final, only the Frenchman Jean Frederic Chapuis beaten.

Detraz is to start even before the Frenchman hit back. With Alex Fiva another Swiss fails in the semi-final, he is at the end of the Sixth. Niki Lehikoinen will be eliminated in the quarter-final, Marc Bischofberger and Jonas Lehnherr, Joos Berry and Armin Niederer of the eighth-final is already the Terminus.

In the women’s Sanna luedi win the Small Final and is Fifth. World Cup-silver medal winner Fanny Smith retires for once, early for you is already in the quarter-finals. (EC)