Skater Sagitova said Hayter

Suspended career last year Sagitova in an interview with Cosmopolitan told about how she responds to criticism in his address, recalled the days when the family had no money, and talked about what friends do to each other figure skater solo performer.

Sagitova admitted that at first the criticism from haters irritated her.

“I tried not to pay attention to the comments of the haters. But in the moments when there was a bad start, they still slipped. I wrote that I have! But in fact I don’t owe anyone anything, and I wanted to perform well. The first time I was very annoyed, but the coaches and the parents reassured, explaining that it’s okay, not everyone will like it,” she said.

Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti Skater Alina Sagitova in Kazan made a video about isolation

Sagitova also admitted that among the figure skaters-odinochnits she has no friends.

“Every day spent at the rink with other skaters, of course we talked, but not to say that were best friends – we have individual sport, where every man for himself. The rest had neither the strength nor the time,” – said Sagitov.

According to Zagitova, a child in her family not at all have enough money, so in his native Izhevsk she trained very hard to move the family to Moscow.

“We lived not very well, not enough money even for bus fare. Every day I went to class on the other end of Moscow, came out at seven in the morning and returned at eleven at night. With the medals came and earnings,” – said the Olympic champion.