SK was charged with the Ukrainian Colonel for the use of

it is Established that in the period from 22 August to 4 September 2014, the officer on the orders of higher command of the defense Ministry of Ukraine has given a binding order for conducting sighting launches civilian infrastructure of ballistic missiles from the tactical missile complex “Tochka-U”.

According to investigators, the attacks from the most powerful missile complex was subjected to the city of rovenka of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic and the territory of the residential district textile workers, the city of Snow and Khartsyzsk self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. In result of a rocket attack four civilians, including a minor boy, were killed. Injured 5 adults and 1 minor. Damaged residential houses, partially destroyed the railroad tracks.

Photo: YouTube New Ukrainian armored car spotted in the Donbas

“14 February 2015 on the orders Yarashevich were launched ballistic missiles at civilian infrastructure of the city of Ilovaysk in the DNI. The result was a partially destroyed building and equipment of the distance power. Civilian was wounded,” – said the representative of SK of Russia.

Yarashevich in absentia charged under part 3 of article 33 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation and part 1 of article 356 of the criminal code “organization of the use in armed conflict of means and methods prohibited by an international Treaty of the Russian Federation”.

it is Noted that the UK will continue to closely work on establishment officials involved in the bombing of civilian targets in the Donbass, and recording evidence of their crimes. “The investigation will continue to identify all episodes of crimes of the Ukrainian military”, – said Svetlana Petrenko.