Swedish researchers have discovered a potential link between tattoos and an increased risk of lymphoma, a rare type of blood cancer.

According to a new study reported by the New York Post, there is a possible link between tattoos and the risk of developing lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer. Researchers at Sweden’s Lund University found that people with tattoos have a 21 percent higher risk of developing the disease.

However, Christel Nielsen, the study’s leader, emphasized that lymphomas are rare and the results only apply at a group level. “It is important to remember that lymphoma is a rare disease and that our results apply at a group level.” The results now need to be confirmed and expanded upon in further studies.

The study, published in eClinicalMedicine, is based on a questionnaire that 11,905 participants had to fill out. It has been shown that the risk of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma is particularly high. The immune system can cause an inflammatory response through the tattooing technique, which can increase the risk of cancer. Interestingly, the size of the tattoo doesn’t matter.

Nielsen stressed the need to control the chemical composition of tattoo inks. Her research group also plans to investigate possible links between tattoos and other types of cancer, as well as other inflammatory diseases.

According to “statista”, the majority of the German population does not have any tattoos on their body. Those aged 55 and over in particular are not fans of tattoos: According to a survey by the market and opinion research institute YouGov, which was carried out on July 25, 2021, around 73 percent of Germans do not have any tattoos.

Tattoos are particularly popular in the 25 to 34 year old age group; around 26 percent already have one or more tattoos

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