Maria Castellanos and Denise Mercedes.

In glossy magazines is still possible to find tips on how to prepare your body for bikini season, how to choose jeans that they added the slimness of the figure, and what things need to get out of the closet, if you are over the age of 40 years. In recent years, the fashion world is becoming more democratic and focuses on the variety of types, but once established prohibitions and rules, to whom and what you can wear, is still there. The fact that all this is nothing more than stupid stereotypes, decided to prove two girlfriends on instagram. br>
28-year-old Denise Mercedes and the 26-year-old Maria Castellanos launched their blogs project #stylenotsize and by example show that the same thing can look great on any type of figure. We offer you to learn more about the project bloggers in our material.

Maria Castellanos and Denise Mercedes

Denise and Mary both live in new York and have been friends for five years. I met both through mutual friends at work. Dominican by birth, Denise is a model plus size, fashion she is interested in as a teenager and at the age of 16 for the first time sent their photos to the Agency.

But then she had another 8-th size, and the minimum requirement for plus-size was a size 14. At the age of 21 years, being a College student, decided to try his hand as a fashion blogger — instagram on her, and drew the attention of the agents.

Maria, a native of Ecuador and a professional dancer and choreographer, is also fond of photography and fashion. Last summer the girlfriend for the first time post combines photos from the beach in the same swimwear.

She’s wearing size S, I — XL, but haven’t we both not beautiful?

— signed frame Denise.

girls Differ not only in size but also in body types: Denise describes her figure as “hourglass”, while Maria is more of the athletic type.

the Post received a positive response from subscribers, and friends came up with the idea to do a photo project by posting photos under the same hashtag. By the way, first they wanted to call it #ThroughThickAndThin (“through the fullness and thinness”), but in the end bowed to another title — #stylenotsize (“style, not the size”). And it is, admittedly, much more accurately expresses the main idea of the girls.

the Goal of this series is to show that the same clothes can look great on different body types that the figure does not play the same role. We are told that you must wear a bikini only if you have a great figure. We are trying to show that no particular shape for a bikini. Your figure is the figure for a bikini

— Mercedes said in an interview with Business Insider.

Denise, having modeling experience has taught her friend how to natureNGOs to pose for the camera, and it began to gain popularity. But Maria at first did not feel very confident.

it was hard for Me to pose in a swimsuit. Although I’m the one who’s “perfect summer body”, but I still felt very insecure. Denise also has this confidence and she helped me

he told Maria.

Denise said that when they did the shooting on the beach, a few guys let go of hurtful comments in her address but she did not attach importance to such situations.

When I publish their photos in a bikini, I hope that people will say, “Wow, she looks very good in a bikini, and if she can wear a bikini, then I can too”,

— shared Mercedes.

in addition, Denise has been and experience of promotion bodypositive campaigns in 2017, she launched the hashtag #becauseitsmybody on the adoption of his own body. Today on instagram under that hashtag for over 20 thousand posts from different users.

Today they collaborate with various fashion brands and companies that provide them with outfits for filming. The girl has already collaborated with Asos, Boohoo, American Eagle, Revolve, Aerie, and others.

by the Way, subscribers much more at Denise — about 870 thousand, while Mary signed by about 62 thousand users. Another proof that my body type doesn’t affect the popularity, and all adore the model Topless.

it Should, however, be noted that girls with such a figure grabs my haters. For example, Maria and Denise recognize that and still receive a negative response: the first criticized for thinness, and the second for completeness.

While her friend Denise sometimes gets even more resentment. Tired of the model standards of commentators support the courage of Mercedes, stating that “here is real normal woman.” But Denise isn’t too welcomes such statements. In her opinion, bodypositive is not just about plus-size models.

People stop to comment on my photos, saying that it looks like a real female body. All of the female body are real. I don’t care you tall or short, thin or thick, you did plastic surgery or not. You are real!

— Denise wrote in her blog.

There are many skinny girls who are ashamed to wear certain things and also feel shaky. We are not talking about the fact that only a thin or full feeling depressed, it’s about all of us. We are doing this project to help people feel better

— echoes Castellanos.

Some time ago a friend also came to shoot a video for TikTok, which quickly became viral. In this social network account for girls watching around 1.7 million users.

In his campaign, Denise and Maria show a variety of outfits: from the bikini to the strict business of images and formal dresses. But the purpose of these photo shoots one to prove that it is not necessary to trust the fashion advice based only on the type of figure or size.

the Idea of liking many — and the mob of girls was joined by other fashionistas from instagram who share similar photos.

what do you think: one must consider body type when choosing clothes or not?