the boy from the English town of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, saved his pregnant mother when she collapsed because she had developed sepsis. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

the 31-year-old head of the cleaning company Nicky Lewis (Nicky Lewis) was in the 26th week of pregnancy (normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks). One evening the woman felt bad and decided early to go to bed, citing fatigue. Her husband at six o’clock left for work.

After a while her six year old son Max came by to see how she feels. The boy was not able to Wake mother, and decided to call my aunt Sonya with iPad. He told my aunt that scared, because his mother’s strange breathing.

Sonya immediately called the ambulance and quickly came to the house of Lewis. To help doctors to enter the house, Max stood up on the stool, took from the shelf the keys to the front door and handed them through the mailbox.

the Paramedics brought Nicky to consciousness and took her to the hospital where the woman was diagnosed with sepsis. She was in the hospital for a week. When Nicky recovered, doctors told her that if not for the quick reaction of her son, she would have died as and her unborn child.

a few months Later Nicki gave birth to a daughter.

the Local newspaper has nominated max for the prize “Our heroes” in the youth category.

Earlier it was reported that in the English town of Poole, Dorset, two year old daughter saved the mother from death thanks to the ingenuity and quick response. The girl made a video call to grandma from the smartphone to the mother, which the attack occurred.