According to Reuters is the infant the youngest victim of coronaviruspandemien, which has claimed the lives of over 46,000 life.

A six weeks old infant has died of coronavirus in the UNITED states. It is according to Reuters, the youngest victim of the virus worldwide.

Mayor of the city of Hartford, Connecticut, Luke Bronin, confirmed the death on Wednesday afternoon local time at a press conference, write lokalmediet Fox 61.

– the Test showed that night, that the newborn was infected with the Covid-19 (the disease you get out of coronavirusset, ed.). It is absolutely heartbreaking, ” says Luke Bronin.

Connecticut governor, Ned Lamont, calling it a “tragic milestone”.

– It is a reminder that no one is in the safety of the virus, he says at a press conference Wednesday afternoon (local time), according to Reuters.

the Majority of the victims of the coronavirusset have been older persons. Particularly Italy and Spain have been hit hard due to the countries ‘ high gennemsnitsaldre, writes news agency AFP.

In the past few weeks there have been registered several deaths among young people.

Among the young victims is a 13-year-old in France, a 12-year-old in Belgium and the 13-year-old Ismail Mohamed Abdullah from Britain, whose family said he had no diseases had before the virus, writes AFP.

In the u.s. state of Illinois dead a nine months old child earlier in the week with the coronavirus. But it is not yet officially confirmed, that it was the virus that was the primary reason for the child’s death, writes AFP.

In total, over 213.000 people found infected with the coronavirus in the UNITED states. Of which are over 8000 reported healthy again.

the UNITED states has, overall, over 5000 deaths as a result of the virus. It is tredjeflest worldwide, surpassed only by Spain with over 9000 dead and Italy, with over 13,000 dead.