Children’s benefits in the amount of 10 thousand rubles, which by decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has allocated to families in connection with the quarantine coronavirus, has become a bone of contention between divorced spouses. Many mothers, visit the website of the public services for social assistance, was surprised to learn that children have already received the money their ex-husbands.

Marina music teacher at school, and on Sundays the Church choir Precentor. She is a single mother with two children, ex-husband does not help her financially.

“He’s in one place for longer than three months does not hold, – complains a woman. His salary is not satisfied, then the head, supposedly, mean. But in reality he is just a quitter, and drinking too. Who this person need?”

“Putin quarantine” Marina is very calculated, yet for two children turns 20 thousand, plus a second allowance of the same amount. Wanted to go with the boys to Peter. Imagine her surprise when completing an application on the website “Mos.PY”, she saw the answer that the textbook has been received.

“First, I decided that it was some mistake – my computer always have problems. But when I phoned the Pension Fund, and there checked the database, it was found that the money a week ago, got the father of the children,” says Marina. This place barely holding back the tears came in a flood, and then had to tell Marina’s sister.

Tatiana unlike sisters with the technique — “you’re on,” her work is connected with Internet so it tried to quarantine payments in the amount of 10 000 roubles on the child the next day after this was announced by the President. But even her confident user who had to suffer considerably before it succeeded.

“I’ve had seven days of rain, until I figured out what was happening. Links to child benefits on the website of public services did not yet exist, the site itself is constantly frozen. So I suggested the Marina not to rush into these benefits. Wait, you’re saying when the hype subsides, then all is quiet and place. I didn’t know that her hubby would be so prompt…”, – says Tatiana.

Indeed, within a few weeks the mechanism of registration of child allowances on the website “” extremely simplified. On the main portal page has a link to the service. All fields of the application are filled in automatically in fact, since the personal data is already in the user profile. You only need to enter the number of the act of registration of the birth certificate of the child and the card number of the parent. But when she did fill out the application, on the screen there was an unexpected inscription: “service rendered”.

“We were sure that this was some kind of mistake. Marina began to call to the Pension Fund. At first there was talking to her very ungraciously. Supposedly, the husband got a wife atkeyways that do not know. But when I found out that she and her husband divorced, told me to call him and urge him to return the money.

it Turns out that they have such a situation almost happen every day, but officials can’t help. In Putin’s Decree does not specify which parent is entitled to receive child allowance. So who first issued the application for payment, and the money. Of course, we Marinkina ex called and he admitted that he received the money, but their return is refused.”

According to the lawyer Sergei Pogarsky, Marina has no chance to challenge the fact of teaching the child allowance ex-husband. From the point of view of the Law everything was done correctly.

– the Application for payment may be submitted by any of the parents listed in the birth certificate of the child, if the statement served to both parents, the money will be given to whoever applied first, said the lawyer.

– Maybe Marina is to file a lawsuit against her husband, and explain to the judge that the father of the child she is not financially helps?

-By law, he has the same rights as the mother. Moreover, after the divorce has not been determined who the children live with the mother or father, so chances to win this dispute, Marina, in fact. The most insulting that, most likely, and the second part of the money also will go to the father. The system automatically sends money in the account in which carried out the first payment.