Alexander Marshal turned 65 this summer. As the musician himself said, he already has very serious health problems.

So, most of the troubles are caused by a sick spine, because of which Alexander even lost his leg. FAN writes about it. Marshal is supported by special gymnastics, which really put him on his feet in the literal sense of the word.

“The spine — it just collapsed, crumbled. My leg was taken away and so on, but this threatens us all, because we don’t move much. The doctor said if I don’t do these exercises, I will be his regular patient. And for five years, no matter what, I’ve been doing these exercises, and this helps me, keeps me in good shape,” the singer explained.

Earlier, the musician Alexander Marshal, in an interview with the publication “Word and Deed”, stressed that he considers himself a patriot of Russia, since he took the oath during his service in the USSR army. The singer assured that he loves his homeland and supports Moscow’s line in the international arena.