Sounds like the scene from a Charlie-Chaplin-classics – but it really happened!

A 20-Year-old has placed in Issum (lower Rhine), a money – filled bag on his car roof and drove off. He had a lot of money (a five figure sum!) simply forget it. And while he went losrauschte on the field, where he had previously parked, a nice money down rain.

the 20-Year-old has it at the Moment but! As the police Kleve tells that it occurred to him the loss of his money until later. When he returned to the spot on the field, was of his money, but nothing more to see. The man volunteered that evening, resolved to the local police station and lo and behold, the Beam could help him. How the?

A 63-year-old man and his Acquaintance were in the between time the field came by and had found everywhere around the fluttering Bills. The men collected the money and brought it, very neatly, to the police.