From February 2023, two medical masks must be included in the first aid kit. Although drivers do not have to fear a fine for the time being, it is definitely worth paying attention to the contents of the first-aid kit. FOCUS online also says why it shouldn’t be stored in the trunk.

Basically, there is no legal requirement as to where the first aid kit must be stored. Most drivers therefore place the first aid kit in the trunk.

However, in an emergency, every second counts. So it is better to put the first aid kit within easy reach in the glove compartment or under the passenger seat. Many products are precisely tailored to this size.

A new DIN standard for first aid kits will apply from February 1, 2023. It stipulates that two medical masks must be enclosed. However, a triangular cloth is omitted for this. The smaller bandage cloth is also canceled without replacement.

Because there is a transitional period, the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO) will only be adjusted from the end of 2023. Only from this point in time – from a purely legal point of view – is there a risk of a fine.

The StVZO stipulates that drivers may use first-aid kits with the previously valid versions of DIN 13164 (January 1998) and January 2014, provided that the products in them have not expired.

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The first aid kits therefore do not have to be exchanged and also not supplemented with two masks, reports the ADAC. However, it is important to pay attention to the new DIN number when buying a new first aid kit.

It is cheaper if you add two packaged medical masks to the box or bag.

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“It is important that drivers note the expiry date and replace the first aid kit after five years,” says Andreas Holthaus, Head of the First Aid Department (FBEH) at the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed). The prevailing temperature fluctuations in the vehicles are to blame. Individual products are particularly sensitive.

If the expiry date is past or if the first aid kit is missing, there is a risk of a fine of five to ten euros if the vehicle is checked.

If it is missing during a general inspection, if it is defective or incomplete, this will be reported as a “minor defect”. According to Dekra, if the date has expired, this only appears as a note in the test report. In this case, the plaque is still there.

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