“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” With this very simple nutritional formula, the author and Harvard professor Michael Pollan gets to the heart of the matter: Loosely translated, he advises eating “real”, unprocessed food in moderate amounts. The majority should consist of plants. That’s a simple diet rule, isn’t it? And let’s be honest: If diets, methods and tricks are too complicated or expensive, take too long, or have to be prepared with millions of ingredients, then you lose discipline and desire after a week at the latest.

So that you can persevere this time and integrate a little more health into your lifestyle, we will give you some simple tips on how to live healthier. By the way: Anyone who does something new for 21 days in a row usually brings about lasting change. You can start with one of the tips, but implement it continuously – and your life will be a bit healthier.

“Cook healthy? I don’t have time for that!” An excuse that many people have in store and instead regularly ends up at the currywurst stand during their lunch break. Instead, try to use the weekend to prepare delicious meals for the following days. And then you can eat with a clear conscience.

Fun is good for the soul! Laughing from the bottom of your heart not only has fun, but also ensures that your body produces more immune cells – and fewer stress hormones. So, laugh as often as you can!

You can literally recharge your batteries outdoors in nature. The fresh, healthy air will calm your body and your blood pressure will drop. This ensures a stronger immune system and promotes healthy sleep.

Do without soft drinks such as cola, fanta and co. and replace them with water and unsweetened tea. Spice up your water with frozen berries, mint, or slices of cucumber and lemon. Artificial sugar traps are thus exchanged for natural, hydrating sources of vitamins.

Do you rather live according to the motto “Sport is murder”? But there is still a bit of movement, right? Just try to walk more. For example, get off the bus one stop earlier on your way to work or park your car a little further away at the supermarket rather than directly in front of the entrance. You might even jump on your bike at one point or another…

Despite pizza and pasta, Italians usually live very healthily. One of the reasons for this is that they use a lot of fresh herbs for their dishes. Basil, for example, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Also use sage, ginger, parsley, mint, watercress and other herbs to bring a healthy change to your plate.

Treat your body to daylight – you should recharge your batteries for at least 20 minutes a day. In cooler times, just roll up your sleeves to let the nourishing light reach a little skin, at least on your forearms, boosting vitamin D production.

Pet owners have known for a long time: Spending time with a four-legged friend makes you happy. And that’s not all: Pet owners have a lower risk of heart attack because cats, dogs and the like lower blood pressure. Dogs and horses also keep their owners physically active. Don’t want to get your own animal? Maybe you can look after friends’ animals from time to time and get your portion of animal joie de vivre.

Even if nuts contain a lot of fat – they are still very healthy. Full of fiber, vitamin E and magnesium, almonds, cashews and co. ensure a better metabolism and are good for the skin and heart. The body doesn’t even use about 15 percent of the calories it contains – so a handful of nuts a day can be a good substitute for chips.

An inversion yoga pose means that the hips are higher than the head – this promotes blood flow towards the heart and head. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a headstand – even putting your feet up has a relieving effect and gives you energy.

You’ve probably noticed it at one time or another: If you don’t get enough sleep, it leads to headaches, irritability and an increased feeling of hunger. In order to give your body time to regenerate, you should sleep for at least seven hours. If necessary, help with little naps in between.

Maintain your friendships. After a long day at work, you may feel tired and exhausted. Contact or meet your favorite people anyway – even if only briefly. Being part of a community has been proven to live longer and happier.

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