Simonov: Volumes of export of Russian oil is not threatened

energy Minister Alexander Novak in an interview with radio station “Echo of Moscow” said that any problems with the placement of Russian oil in the market, and Russia does not sell it at a loss, although now the price is very low.

For the period from January to March the average price of Urals according to the Ministry of Finance was $ 48,18 per barrel. Only in March the figure below – 29.17 USD per barrel. The worst results of Russian oil showed in the last two days of March. In North-Western Europe, its price fell, first to 16 and then up to $ 13 per barrel. This gave the basis for the Argus to report that the fall in oil prices has led to the fact that by the end of last month, the Russian oil price was negative. That is, taking into account the transport costs the costs of oil companies exceeded the profit received from the sale of oil.

Photo: RIA Novosti Novak: Russia has no plans to increase oil production

However, two days is too short a time to become major issues in domestic oil production, the export of Urals is not limited to marine supplies to North-Western Europe. There is still the Mediterranean as well as significant volumes of “black gold” is exported through the pipelines. From 1 April quotes of the barrel began to grow and there is every reason to believe that the price of Urals went from minus. In addition, in this case, it is necessary to consider the details of the pricing rules and taxation in Russia.

“the Situation with prices for Urals in Europe was quite difficult,” – said the head of the national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov. He said that the calculated average price for Urals for a month forward, but for monitoring last month. It is on the basis of these figures is determined by the amount of export duty that constituteyaet a significant part in the cost of oil when selling abroad. If the price of Urals to $ 20 per barrel a ton of our oil is worth 146 dollars, and the export tax it comes to $ 52, said the expert.

When you save in the long term the current price burden on Russian oil companies will be big one month and then reduced. As explained by Konstantin Simonov, with the lower prices of 14.7 per barrel, the export duty set to zero.

Photo: Alex Andronov/TASS In the state Duma has predicted the end of oil crisis

in addition, the reduced tax rate on mineral extraction (met), making Urals more competitive.

in addition, mark Urals, the most suitable for refineries (refinery) in Europe. They were originally built for processing of oil with such quality characteristics. In favor of the Urals have also played the logistical advantages of Russia relative proximity of the sea delivery and availability of oil pipelines.

According to Konstantin Simonov, the volume of Russian oil exports is not threatened and this is confirmed by statistical data. But setting such low prices for a relatively long period would be extremely undesirable for Russia. “Half-mad play, which began in Saudi Arabia with the production build-up and discounts on oil is not turned around, including to Saudi Arabia itself,” – said the expert.