a Strange creature that resembles an alligator, found on the shore of the reservoir in Northern Cyprus. This publication reports the Cyprus Mail.

According to the Cyprus Institute for the study of nature, found the creation of was the Mississippi billfish (finding of the Gar atractosteus spatula), which weighed 10 pounds and was 112 inches in length.

This is the first confirmed case of the discovery of the Mississippi billfish fisheries in the region. Experts will further investigate the find. Water engineer of the Institute of Cavusoglu dervish (Dervish Cavusoglou) said that this individual took at least ten years to grow to this size.

Mississippi pancernik native to North America, is one of the largest freshwater fish on the continent. According to experts, the Mississippi billfish fisheries could produce the owner. It is unknown how much time he spent in the reservoir, but experts will conduct a study to find out what he ate.

the Owner of one pet shop has indeed added that the Mississippi billfish often buy and sell North and South Cyprus. “There is nothing illegal. Buy them when they are the size of a pencil,” said he.

In a national Park Taskent in Northern Cyprus have confirmed that fish could be purchased at one of the local pet stores. It stressed that many people do not know that the Mississippi billfish can grow so big. “Trade Pets on the island in a terrible situation. Sell animals without considering their welfare and vital needs. They can grow very quickly,” said a Park spokesman.

This species eats not only other fish, but also waterfowl. The Institute urged people not to release Pets into the wild, especially if it’s not a local species.