Dog breed Shih Tzu has become an Internet star due to its similarity with pop star Lady Gaga. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Five-year-old dog named Bontenmaru named after the Japanese samurai and lives in Tokyo. Having more than 22 thousand users Instagram.

His mistress Tomoya Matsuura (Matsuura Tomoyo) believes that it owes its fame to the hairstyle that resembles the signature straight bangs and short blonde haircut-Bob with Lady Gaga. The owner of the dog said: “Bontenmaru goes for a haircut every two months, and every three weeks I straighten the bangs by hand.”

the Dog lives in an apartment and likes to lie on the couch. The hostess decorates the pet in a variety of clothing.

On the dog Instagram videos, where she bathes, try the watermelon and looking at his reflection. Fans of the Shih Tzu in different parts of the world. On Bontenmaru signed on users from UK, USA, France, Japan and other countries.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of Richmond, Virginia, is convinced that her dog has the longest nose in the world. Unusual face of his pet made him an Internet star.