the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov has estimated the possibility of freezing or conversion of deposits in the Russian banks on the background of the current situation in the economy, writing “Vedomosti”.

In an interview with the Minister of Finance stressed that such actions are planned. He was commenting on the assumption that fear of new initiatives of the authorities, the citizens will begin to withdraw savings from credit institutions to avoid their loss.

Earlier in the Russian Federation adopted a law on the introduction of a tax at the rate of 13% of income on Bank deposits under special conditions. You will have to pay if he exceeds the amount of contingent income from the contribution to 1 million roubles under the rate of Bank of Russia. The tax is levied only on the portion that exceeds such notional income.

From the point of view Siluanov, wealthy people, whose wealth allows you to have such contributions, enough money to pay the tax, and the rest did not notice him. In addition, as noted by the head of the Agency, the risk of outflow of deposits was taken into account in the calculation of the new tax.

But the authorities decided that depositors have nowhere to go — cash will not bring any profit, and the overseas rates are close to zero or have negative values.

Earlier it was reported that citizens of the Russian Federation due to the collapse of the Russian ruble began to massively withdraw foreign currency from credit institutions. March withdrawn about $5 billion.

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