Minister of state for defence of great Britain, Annabel Goldie said that the military establishment of the Kingdom continues to consider Russia a state representing a “significant threat”. RT has reviewed the document containing the appropriate statement.

“Russia continues to state that the UK significant threat. Tracking and responding to this threat is among the main priorities of the Ministry of defence,” — said in the text.

Thus, Goldie responded to the address of the member of the house of lords John Anderson to the British government.

The essence of the policy question was how the government assesses the safety of the Baltic and North seas in the light of reports that this year the composition of the Navy of Russia will be accepted 40 new ships.

“the defense Department monitors the development of all new Russian ships that entered in the system, and, based on their combat capabilities, makes conclusions. We continue to assess the impact of Russian investments in the development of its Maritime capabilities on the security of the region, including the Baltic and North seas”, said Goldie.

July 26-in-Chief of the naval parade in St. Petersburg the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that this year the Russian Navy will be taken 40 ships of various classes.

Earlier, the head of the British Ministry of defense Ben Wallace said that Russia is a “real threat” to the Alliance.