Jérôme Boateng had been occupied by the FC Bayern Munich with a penalty.

The club fined the defender, because he had removed despite the existence of a Corona output of the restrictions of his place of residence. As the German record champion announced to have left the 31-Year-old on Tuesday without the permission of the society is Munich, Germany. The amount of the fine is not known.

“With this distance from his place of residence Boateng, was not conforming with the requirements of the Association. These requirements are the rules of behavior for the players of FC Bayern in the current Situation, in accordance with the specifications for the output limitation of the Bavarian state government and the recommendations of the health authorities,” it said in the Club statement.

Boateng reacts with incomprehension on the punishment of the FC Bayern

FC Bayern see here in a role model. “As a consequence for this violation, the club has decided to show Boateng with a fine,” it said. The sum of donations from the club of Munich hospitals.

According to the “image” have Boateng visited his sick son in Saxony. He did not know “that it is certainly a mistake was not to inform the club about my journey,” said the world champion of 2014 compared to the newspaper, however, reacted with incomprehension.

“at the Moment, I just had my son in the head. To him it was not in good health. If a son calls his father, then I’m leaving, of course, no matter what time of day,” said Boateng. “For him, I’ll take any punishment that is after all, my son. I don’t want to see the father, who is about to leave in a Moment, in order to be on the side of his four-year-old son. If there is a penalty, then respect. I find that sad.”

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